Take a rest surrounded by pure nature.

Welcome to the website of our agro tourism farm. For us, this place is exceptional. We hope it will also cast a spell on you as soon as you come to see it.


Our agro tourism farm “Agro Raj” (Agro Paradise) is located in a picturesque part of Warmia, among the hills, forests, lakes and natural marshy ecosystems. Agro Raj is over 70 hectares of fields, meadows and pasturages, 17 lakes and ponds, rich flora and a multitude of wild animals. Our farm is a perfect place for enthusiasts of nature, horse riding, fishing, biking, hiking and hunting. Agro Raj is an extraordinary farm, which can be proved by the award we have received in the contest "Zielone Lato 2005" (Green Summer 2005). Check out our offer.


Agro Raj is also a perfect starting point for all those who are fond of excursions. Surrounding tourist attractions are: Gietrzwałd Sanctuary, Elbląg Canal, Malbork Castle or the battlefields of Grunwald. Places you have to see.


Within the area of our agro tourism farm there are up to 30 animal species (including 22 kinds of birds). Here, you can observe Vietnamese pigs, rabbits, goats, cows, horses, sheep, fallow deers, mouflons, peacocks, pheasants, partridges, quails, wild geese, swans, ducks, turkeys etc. Our ponds are home to crucians, perches, carps, tenches, pikes, amurs, sturgeons, eels and crayfish. Agro Raj neighbours on a unique marshy area known as Rozlewisko Morąskie, where over 150 bird species can be found, including a few unique to Europe (red kite, black kite, lesser spotted eagle, honey buzzard, hen harrier, white-tailed eagle, Eurasian sparrow hawk, Eurasian hobby). Take a look at the beauty of the place.

We are happy to welcome you.
You will feel like in paradise.